The Haunted House on Hoffman Lane

The Haunted House on Hoffman Lane: A Short Story

Rich Velasco (under the pen name Ricardo) has published a short story about Napa and the migrants that worked the vineyards.

This is a quick read, but it will give you insight into some of the conditions, opportunities and beliefs about the Napa workers.

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Horizinal Mist has sold

Horizinal Mist by Rich VelascoThe Central Coast of California is a Magical Place for me. It has hidden places that seem to suddenly appear before your very eyes. The Spring or Fall seem to be the best time to capture the mood of the area. At times, I prefer to shoot early in the morning, the “Silver” hour instead of “Golden” one.

Horizinal Mist is an image I took while on the West Coast. One morning I explored places to capture this scene. Most of the fog had burned away. But in the far horizon, I could still see the lingering mist. It seemed to want to come back up the coast.

I knew that soon it would disappear and that the coastal rocks and trees would miss it. Maybe tomorrow the mist would replenish, wash and nourish them. The cool, soft mist would move in again.

If you are able to tour the California coast, be sure to take your time and enjoy the morning hours of Fall or Spring. They normally bring showers and mist that enchant the senses.



Misty Mar has sold

Nightfall had fallen and it was getting very late, and could not find a place to check in for the night, so we decided to sleep in the car. We pulled off to the side of the highway, close to a cliff. We could hear the crashing waves from the beach near by. We could not see the waves, it was pitch dark,  but could sure hear them. There was a light misty rain throughout the night and I could not get any sleep, maybe it was the sound of the waves or the uncomfortable car seat, but dawn finally came.

Early in the morning I went outside to look at the surrounding area I couldn’t believe how beautiful and tranquil everything looked. I grabbed the camera and started shooting. The sun rays were starting to penetrate the hills tops, in a few minutes I could barely see the sun coming through the clouds and the fog. Then the mist started rolling in over the hills and cliffs.  I kept shooting as much as I could before we had to get on the road again.

I hope you enjoy this image and the story behind it.

If mist could make a sound, it would make a sound like Misty Mar.


Misty Mar

Legends of Lensman

When I worked at a color lab in Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to meet many interesting people. Several politicians, celebrities and of course well-known photographers like Legendary Lensman Julian Wasser.  One day he came in the shop and in passing by he asked me if he could take my picture, at first I thought he was joking and I said sure, as long as I can use it on my site.

To my surprise, he said Okay!

So here it is, a photo of me, shot by Julian Wasser.



Two 6’x4′ sold

Dusk 1 and Sea Mist Morn both sold to the same client.  6’x4′ was the final size and both were mounted on Aluminum substrates, then laminated. The lamination seals the face of prints, protects the surface, and can provide UV protection from sunlight to prevent fading. Wooden French Cleats were produced for hanging the prints to the wall. Both images were printed at a Los Angeles color lab that produce the highest quality possible. The lab is known exclusively at high-end galleries and museums.

Sea Mist Morn
Dusk 1 is an image taken and sold by Rich Velasco Fine Art
Dusk 1

About Rich Velasco Fine Art

I hope you richly experience the beauty of the Western States, especially the Northern California region of Napa.

I will write about each image, so you can sense the same feelings and experiences that I had while capturing them with my camera.  Some images I took in sections and merged them together while post-processing. This technique, I found out after many trials and errors, was the best way to bring out clear, sharp images.

On occasion, I have taken an image and created paintings out of them. Some I have used to created 3D Models of. Whichever creation you happen to come upon, be assured that you are getting a quality piece that is to be cherished for many years to come.

Making Memorable Imagery.

Rich Velasco Fine Art


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