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Nightfall had fallen and it was getting very late, and could not find a place to check in for the night, so we decided to sleep in the car. We pulled off to the side of the highway, close to a cliff. We could hear the crashing waves from the beach near by. We could not see the waves, it was pitch dark,  but could sure hear them. There was a light misty rain throughout the night and I could not get any sleep, maybe it was the sound of the waves or the uncomfortable car seat, but dawn finally came.

Early in the morning I went outside to look at the surrounding area I couldn’t believe how beautiful and tranquil everything looked. I grabbed the camera and started shooting. The sun rays were starting to penetrate the hills tops, in a few minutes I could barely see the sun coming through the clouds and the fog. Then the mist started rolling in over the hills and cliffs.  I kept shooting as much as I could before we had to get on the road again.

I hope you enjoy this image and the story behind it.

If mist could make a sound, it would make a sound like Misty Mar.


Misty Mar
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