Rich ( Ricardo) Velasco has been drawing since childhood. He took up painting in his teens, first with oils and then acrylics. During high school he took more art courses to include silk screen printing, ceramics and more painting.

After high school he enlisted in the Army and with his GI bill started taking Graphic Art courses. After his active duty ended, he enlisted in the Reserves and worked in a Psychological Operations Dept. (PSYOPS) as a Graphic Artist.

During the Reserves he also started taking art and design classes at Biola University. He took internships that gave him experience in Desktop Publishing, Pre-press and shooting artwork with STAT cameras.

At Biola, he took photography courses that taught him to shoot and develop film. He soon realized he could create art by combining different mediums. After a few years he began to work with color labs and learned about digital imaging and fine art printing. In his spare time, he taught himself 3D Printing and Augmented Reality, so he could also use it in his art.

In his pursuit of beautiful Art, he now combines his experiences along with different techniques to perfect his craft. He is now working with photo paintings that have gold leaf applications. The results are simply stunning! He will soon be displaying and selling these prints online and in galleries.

Commissioned works are available. If you have questions or want pricing, please go to the contact link Here

rich velasco fine art

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