Horizinal Mist has sold

Horizinal Mist by Rich VelascoThe Central Coast of California is a Magical Place for me. It has hidden places that seem to suddenly appear before your very eyes. The Spring or Fall seem to be the best time to capture the mood of the area. At times, I prefer to shoot early in the morning, the “Silver” hour instead of “Golden” one.

Horizinal Mist is an image I took while on the West Coast. One morning I explored places to capture this scene. Most of the fog had burned away. But in the far horizon, I could still see the lingering mist. It seemed to want to come back up the coast.

I knew that soon it would disappear and that the coastal rocks and trees would miss it. Maybe tomorrow the mist would replenish, wash and nourish them. The cool, soft mist would move in again.

If you are able to tour the California coast, be sure to take your time and enjoy the morning hours of Fall or Spring. They normally bring showers and mist that enchant the senses.



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